How Did We Get Into This?
24 June 2011

‘The Debate over Anthropogenic Global Warming’
Manning Clark House address
22 March 2011

Three Assumptions

Tim Flannery in QE
26 March 2010

Aitkin versus Davies
March 2010

The Sir John Young Oration
27 November 2008

‘Climate Change — A Return to the Stone Age?’
Address to the NSW Farmers Association Group 11 Conference, Canberra
20 June 2008

Comment on Schneider
20 May 2008

Ockham’s Razor 1
15 April 2008

Ockham’s Razor 2

Submission to Garnaut Enquiry
3 April 2008

Submission to Garnaut Enquiry (earlier submission)

A Cool Look at Global Warming
Planning Institute of Australia, Canberra
2 April 2008

Comment on Waleed Aly’s Quarterly Essay ‘What’s Right?’

Response to Clive Hamilton

‘Shifting Gears for the Application of Knowledge’
Address to the World Bank Conference, Washington DC
9 October 1997