It is 1999, in Sydney, Australia. The Millennium is only weeks away, a time when a new era will begin for humanity. Four people are hoping for a new era for themselves, too.Ros, 39, has been dumped by her husband for a younger woman, now pregnant to him. Brady, 42, saw his young partner die of cancer, and has been a hermit for the year since her death. Linda, 22, has been dominated by her mother, and is desperate to leave home and start her own life. Peter, 35, is a businessman, highly successful, who thinks it is now time to marry. Ros is Linda’s godmother. Brady once lived with Ros, a long time ago. Peter is Linda’s employer.
All of them want to move on, which is what friends say when people have had a major crisis. But moving on is not necessarily easy. You have to know roughly where you want to move to, and how best to do it. Ros, Brady, Linda and Peter are not sure of the direction or the timing. And moving on can start without one recognising it for what it is. Ros goes to a church function and is inspired by the speaker. Linda loses her temper at a Christmas lunch, and leaves home. Brady has an extraordinary experience on a mountain. Peter receives a puzzling email, which prompts unexpected action in other people.
Their paths are set in motion, and interact with each other. By the end, all have moved on, but not necessarily in the directions they first thought.

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