High-quality Education for All Children
Essay in celebration of the life of Phillip Hughes
17 April 2011

Business and Education
8 April 2010

My Favourite Teacher
9 January 2009

Education’s Changing Context and Possible Futures
An address for the Teaching Australia Network Forum, Sydney
23 June 2008

Twelve Thoughts on Universities…
For the University of Tasmania Council Conference
6/7 September 2002

Selecting a Vice-Chancellor
31 May 2002

Education and Change
Summary of an Address to the OECD Glasgow Seminar
12 April 2002

Cities and Education
OECD, Urban Renaissance Series, Glasgow Seminar
11-12 April 2002

Vice-Chancellors as Trustees
Vice-Chancellor’s Article for Monitor
9 November 2000

UC from a Distance
Vice-Chancellor’s Article for Monitor
5 October 2000

Turning Education Around
Address to the Global Dialogue ‘Building Learning Societies’, Hannover, Germany
6 September 2000

Humanising Technology
Address to the joint UC/UKM Conference didadida, Kuala Lumpur
September 2000

Thirty Years After
Vice-Chancellor’s Article for Monitor
31 August 2000

The Centrality of Research
Vice-Chancellor’s Article for Monitor
4 May 2000

The ACT Education Industry – Investing in People
St George ‘Trends’ Luncheon Address, Canberra
26 November 1999

Afterthoughts from Wollongong
Summary of an Address to the OECD Glasgow Seminar
September 1999

Reinventing Universities
The Currie Lecture, University House, Canberra
15 June 1999

The Crisis in Research Education
Address to the CAPA Symposium on Postgraduate Education, University of Sydney
31 March 1999

Bradley — The Report We Had to Have
Address to the Higher Education HR Conference, Canberra
26 March 2009

Life-long Learning – Causes and Concerns

Who Counts?
An Examination of the Distribution of ‘Intelligence’ in our Society — and What Might Follow from That
1998 National Conference, Australian College of Education
September 1998

Higher Education — Where to From Here?
April 1998

Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER)
January 1998

Finding a New Legend
The Russel Ward Lecture, University of New England
9 September 1997

Educating for the Future
Address to the Chief of Army Exercise, Canberra
15 July 1997

The University in the Twenty-First Century
Address at Khon Kaen University, Thailand
3 July 1997

The Role of Education in the Building of Australia
Speech at the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Certifying Authorities Conference Dinner, Canberra
1 August 1996

Australia’s Experiment with Quality Assurance
For Times HES
May 1996

Building a University in the 1990s

Dumbing Down
Some Thoughts on a Phrase of our Time

Letter to a Critic

My Four Universities
For Jane Richardson, HES

One Great University for Australia?

Persuading Cabinet

The Graduate Test Explained

The Odious Subject of Ranking

What Sort of New Medical School Should the ACT Have?