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This is intended for ideas and comments readers have that don’t fit neatly into the current topic for the week. I thank Margaret for reminding me!


Margaret May 19, 2017 at 10:08 am

Probably for the off topic thread — ent/good-debt-and-the-myth-of-the-prudent-pinstriped-coalition


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  • margaret says:

    There IS a problem with old white males (it’s not derogatory, it’s a factual term), hanging on to positions of power and influence in Australia. It exists because when they were young white males in Australia they had little competition from young white females for the positions in the workforce they attained. It was a structure of society that enabled them to have a ‘helpmate’ – “for wives should always be lovers too, run to his arms the moment he comes home to you. Day after day there are girls at the office and men will always be men, don’t send him off with your hair still in curlers you may not see him again … ” L.O.L.
    Although the girls in the office are still there younger men accept that women are no longer necessarily tied to lowly positions, although, there is still a long way to go.
    Sexist men like Laws, who I recall calls his wife ‘the princess’ still abound. Look at Trump.
    I write this because of that pebble in my shoe alluded to by Peter W. irt-saga-why-do-successful-women-defend-sexism?

    • margaret says:

      It’s astounding now that we just sang along …

    • spangled drongo says:

      Ah, the good ol’ grauniad, hey marg? Such a truthful bunch. Here is one of their chosen comments that seems to be a straight out lie.

      “Guardian Pick

      I don’t care what Laws says about frocks. I care more about men dissing women’s capabilities. For example, of much more import but totally ignored was Clive James’s comment to ABC interviewer Philip Williams on ABC24 a few years ago that all women are incapable of playing high-level chess. Not a peep out of Williams in response to this damaging, misogynistic claim. And no feminists seemed to mind, because, you know, it was a charming old leftie speaking.”

      Clive didn’t say they’re incapable… he said if you want 50% of parliament as women you can, and as another example if you want 50% of chess champions as women you probably can’t.
      Given no female has ever challenged for the world chess champion title he could be right…

  • Neville says:

    Ken Stewart has updated the UAH V 6 temp data and all regions and graphs are shown. OZ has been cooling in the LT for more than half the record.
    Of course the SP region has been cooling slightly in the LT since DEC 1978. 17/

    • Chris Warren says:


      Please stop posting this cherry-picking nonsense. Your statement “OZ has been cooling in the LT for more than half the record” is corrupt as this is nothing but a deliberate camouflage of cherry-picking from 1998. This has long been debunked.

      • Neville says:

        Chris I’ve tried to explain before that you are wrong and used IPCC AR5 to support my POV. If you can’t understand this I’m sorry , but I can’t be held responsible for your lack of understanding.

  • Ross says:

    That young firebrand Trump is doing well.

    • margaret says:

      And Keith Windscuttle …
      Asked to comment, Quadrant editor and prominent historian Keith Windschuttle, a former ABC board member, told Fairfax Media: “You’re talking bulls—, don’t call back.”
      Apropos revenge article for Q&A’s interesting discussion and absurdist comment by Krauss which was tragically followed by the Manchester terrorist attack but was then used for nefarious purposes by an editor of Quadrant, not Windscuttle.

      • spangled drongo says:

        How is ridiculing the stupid ABC’s Q&A claim that refrigerators kill more people than Islamic terrorists “nefarious”, marg?

        At least Windschuttle told ’em straight and Franklin pointed out the pathetic apologist attitude of this our public one-eyed media that is costing us our future.

        But what is also ill-making about these one-eyed true believers is their similar group-think to climate science.

          • spangled drongo says:

            That’s right marg, those owm at Quadrant have no right to be realistic about the future of this country.

            They should all agree with the Manchester bomber’s pals, aka our ABC luvvies who deliberately lie and promote policies that will have soldiers permanently on our streets as they do in England.

            How good will that be?

          • tripitaka says:

            The blog/sewer that is Catalaxy is the full-way house of the deranged.

            And Drongo, if it’s so bad here in Australia where everyone is turning left why not leave for a better place. The US under the Trump will be a righties paradise soon, won’t it? Why not go there?

        • tripitaka says:

          Oh dear Drongo has been reading ‘the Cat’, lol. There is a bit of head exploding happening there and the word is that anyone who censures Roger Franklin aka ‘areff’ is part of the “the vast herd of dimwitted leftoids (who) will make good cannon fodder for the next world war.” That quote is a comment I lifted from a stream of vile comments posted at that site earlier today.

          Lol according to the people Drongo reads, even Shari Markson is a dimwitted leftoid – she’s Shari Marxon. Hilarious eh?

          And now I see that the doyen of Zombie economics*, Sinclair Davidson, protector of the downtrodden conservative masses, who provides that blog space for those who imagine they are ‘normal’ to wail and moan about their lack of freedom while censoring anyone who wants to question their certainties, is sending out his nasty little pets on the attack.

          “Sinclair Davidson
          #2390651, posted on May 25, 2017 at 1:46 pm
          Herald Sun columnist Susie O’Brien is crapping on about how nasty and horrible Roger Franklin is – it would be nice if Cats went to share the love with her.”

          *How does this man who is so immature that he wears a horror mask as his avatar, remain employed by RMIT as an economics lecturer? Seriously… the man is a fool.

          And Drongo it is nefarious and stupid to try and use the fact that there was an exchange on Q and A about the number of deaths caused by refrigerators as opposed to terrorists to justify the unjustifiable sentiment that Franklin expressed.

          And about Manchester, you might want to take into account that, as that noted leftist 🙂 Alexander Downer pointed out this morning on the ABC, the people of Manchester have suffered terrorist bombings perpetrated by good Christians in the past so they know that terrorism is not a problem that is limited to Muslims.

          • Chris Warren says:

            Only brain dead Zombies and drongo’s read Catallaxy.

            Its a kindergarten for wannabe fascists.

          • spangled drongo says:

            Poor little trippy [awa other blitherers] have yet to grasp the fact that those who provide their own media at their own expense can say what they think but that huge media machine that is our ABC and financed by the taxpayer is mandated to be balanced in all its views.

            The irony that those who contribute net nothing get all the support while the lifters get zilch is also lost upon these same blitherers.

            And can you believe the mindlessness that rationalises that because we have solved past problems with considerable pain that is a good reason for doing it all over again.

            That is the definition insanity, trippy luv!

            Oh, the blithering stupid, it burns!

          • spangled drongo says:

            Only brain-dead zombies and soulless blitherers DON’T read the Cat.


  • Neville says:

    The ABC admits that they avoid any sceptical studies or opinions that might derail their CAGW campaign. This juggernaut costs the taxpayer over 1,000 million $ a year and yet panders to a far left minority and ignores many hundreds of PR studies that support the sceptical point of view. list-any-sceptical-reports/news-story/4d0bdad0225ae1119469eaa23f36cb31

    • Chris Warren says:


      Vain claims of others being wrong constitute a Freudian Slip. The face at the bottom of the well is your own.

      If you use data for Australia here:

      you will see that the trend from 1978 is 0.16.

      If it was a cooling trend, as imagined by you, the trend would be -ve.

      Vague references to AR5 do not assist and just show that you are using smoke and mirrors instead of facts and data.

      • spangled drongo says:

        Apart from denying the one-eyed bias of their ABC, chrissie is in denial of the fact that a nothing-to-negative trend for the whole 21st C [when record ACO2 emissions have occurred] throws considerable doubt on his AGW religion.

        Even though he may be having doubts about his CAGW bible.

        I suppose it’s all he has left to cling to.

  • Neville says:

    Chris I can agree and disagree with you. Yes the full UAH V 6 TLT record shows that OZ has a 0.16 c a decade warming trend, but the trend since March 1996 is a flat or cooling trend. That’s 21 years and 2 months. I’ll try and find out what that trend is in degrees C.

    The OZ trend for TMT is 0.12 c decade since DEC 1978 and for the globe it is 0.09c a decade. But there is still a RECENT pause in the TLT for Sth ex tropics and Sth temp region and both have paused for 19 years and 5 months. And SP TLT region shows no warming at all since DEC 1978 from both UAH and RSS. SP shows slight cooling for UAH and RSS for TMT.

    Everyone knows that there was a cooling trend for the globe for about 31 years from about 1945 to 1976 and we had numerous scares about a coming Ice age at that time. This ended with the rapid warm phase start up of the PDO in 1976. Cooling, warming and flat trends can be found in temp records over a period of time. But that doesn’t mean that the overall trend is not one of warming.

    But using the York Uni tool you can still find a global cooling trend from 1997.1 to 2015.1 in both UAH V6 and RSS V 3. This was before the latest strong and natural el nino event. That’s about 18 years.

    • Chris Warren says:


      The flat or cooling trend is a short-run event.

      If there was no global warming, natural fluctuations would go up and down equally.

      However if there is global warming, the down trend is countered and we end up with a flat or cooling trend in its place.

      So instead of up-down-up-down-up-down

      we get

      up-flat-up-flat-up-flat etc.

      I have already posted the link where Don Aitkin posted the basic picture, but here it is again;

      A “pause”, “hiatus”, “flat trend” (whatever) proves global warming is a fact.

      The warming below the stratosphere matched with cooling above proves that heat is being trapped.

      The development of the tropical hotspots demonstrated here:

      proves that global warming is a fact.

  • Neville says:

    Chris there is no hot spot above the tropics compared to other regions of the globe. TLT above the tropics shows just 0.12 c decade and TMT shows just 0.08 c decade according to UAH V6. NP shows TLT 0.25 c decade and TMT 0.18 c decade. SP shows zero trend for TLT and SP shows cooling -0.02 for TMT.
    The global trend is TLT 0.12 c decade and for TMT trend is 0.09 c decade. So no tropical hot spot and no warming at the SP region. Check it out.

  • Chris Warren says:

    The warm spots are at around -25 latitude and +5 latitude and at from around 500 hPa to 300 hPa.

    See here:

    Due to their current limited horizontal size, you would not expect them to stand out in the data you have restricted your self too.

    Presumably if atmospheric green house gases increase, these warm spots will increase.

  • Neville says:

    Chris have a look at the graph in this post from Dr Roy Spencer. Definitely no hot spot found by the UAH V6 observations and using the best NASA satellite data since 1978. In fact the HADS 3 SST data is higher than the UAH troposphere data above the tropics. oduct-still-no-tropical-hotspot/

    • Chris Warren says:


      This paper is authoritative:

      Spencer’s reasons for rejecting it are gratuitous and embarrassing.

      Spencers data is not dissected based on latitude, so his conclusions will different from researchers undertaking a spatial approach across different latitudes. The warming spot is found (so far) at particular locations. Maybe if Spencer used appropriate gridded data he would find what others have found. Spencer restricts himself to a vertical merged dimension. This is inadequate – you need to look at different latitudes as well – a horizontal ie latitudinal dimension.

      His rambling comments over water vapour constitute nothing more than his private speculations.

  • Neville says:

    Chris that 2012 study is old hat and has been dealt with before. I know who I’d trust to know the most about this subject ands it’s definitely Spencer and Christy.

  • tripitaka says:

    Well hello Drongo. I missed your input into the climate change conversation. So it’s good to have you back. You say, among other things that “The irony that those who contribute net nothing get all the support while the lifters get zilch is also lost upon these same blitherers.”

    Wow poor lifters. My heart bleeds for them who get nothing. But how did things get to be so bad for these lifters do you think and who is supporting them and why would they be doing this?

    I suppose that you will say that it is the same reason that climate science has become so corrupt; it’s political correctness gone mad. But, being a curious person and always wanting to know why things happen, there is such a thing as cause and effect you know, I keep wondering where did this new form of political correctness come from and how and why did it take over from the old political correctness that you love so much?

    Can you explain how the blitherers who are so stupid and lazy and apparently useless managed to organise this politically correct coup that has destroyed your life, or are you too busy burning up with and dealing with your exploding head to attempt a coherent explanation?

    It seems to me that if things had been so good under the wealthy white male hegemony, there would not be any desire for change and that the good life you loved and valued would have gone on forever and the bliterers would not have been able to take over the world.

    • spangled drongo says:

      Trip luv, even most entitled proggy blitherers are somewhat concerned but aware that the lunatics will eventually take over the asylum but you are among the first I have come across that seem to be insisting that it should happen yesterday.

      You don’t even get that the cake has been left out in the rain.

      Is that really how you prefer it?

      • tripitaka says:

        Do tell me why there are so many ‘lunatics’ drongo? How did it happen in the wonderful western civilisation that men like you created, that so many blitherers and lunatics and “entitled proggies” – whatever these are – were able to destroy your wonderful way of life and your value system. What happened? How did lunatics and these really bad people manage to take control and leave the cake out in the rain?

        Why haven’t the really good clever people like you and your fellow masters of universe, the default human beings who always know the truth and what is right and who is wrong, won the ‘culture wars’?

        Against such bad and stupid people as me, it should be easy.

  • Chris Warren says:

    This is Fascism …. Quadrant’s Online editor rants against the ABC program Q&A and evokes bombing them and claims;

    “… none of the panel’s likely casualties would have represented the slightest reduction in humanity’s intelligence, decency, empathy or honesty.”


    • Chris Warren says:

      The editor-in-chief of Quadrant magazine, Keith Windschuttle, apologised to the ABC over an article suggesting the Manchester bombing should have taken place at the broadcaster’s Sydney headquarters.

      In his letter, sent on Wednesday, Mr Windschuttle said the article “represents a serious error of judgement and should not have been published”, and said he had “instructed that the article and its comment should be withdrawn completely from our website”.

      The article exhibited extreme, right-wing, politically motivated, murderous intent and mindset – “if you oppose me I will have you killed”.

      • tripitaka says:

        Lol Keith Windschuttle! What a silly person he is. And here’s a blog from some time ago that is still true, about him from Prof Quiggin;

        “……back in 2002, Windschuttle promised further volumes on an annual schedule, covering Queensland and WA. Since Queensland in particular was the focus of Henry Reynolds’ main work, and since the evidence of numerous massacres seems incontrovertible, this promised volume was central to Windschuttle’s claims of fabrication. The promise was repeated year after year, but no Volume 2 ever appeared, and the “research” supposedly already undertaken has stayed out of sight.

        Then in February 2008, Windschuttle published extracts from a Volume 2, promised for publication “later this year”, but now on a totally different topic, that of the Stolen Generation. His target this time was Peter Read, an eminent historian who’s done a lot of practical work reuniting Aboriginal children with their birth families. It’s 2009, the promised volume hasn’t appeared, and there hasn’t been any reference to it on Windschuttle’s site for some time.

        The real hoax victims here have been those on the political right, who’ve repeatedly swallowed Windschuttle’s promises to refute well-established facts about Australian history “later this year” and who are now getting their “science” from his discredited magazine.”

        But poor Keith is getting lots of criticism from the right wing loons for making this apology and for not ‘escalating’ the war they see is happening.

        • spangled drongo says:

          You don’t know what you are talking about [as usual] trip luv. Windschuttle and Bolt have a far better understanding of Aboriginal history than what passes for facts in the MSM. Even Quiggin has enough brains to stay out of the SG fakery:

 truth-about-the-stolen-generations/news-story/ba68809d9be41a4820466235 c664c97a

          • tripitaka says:

            Yeah *you* might think that Windschuttle and Bolt have a far better understanding of Aboriginal history but there is no evidence to support this claim and a lot of evidence to that shows this is not the case.

            The fact is that you are a part of a very unbecoming minority in this country who irrationally and with malice resist the changes that are happening and taking away your selfish and greedy version of civilisation.

            You are so sad and your life is so bereft of any real comfort and satisfaction because you refuse to understand and keep up with the way knowledge and traditions change and adapt as science and social science continue to find more truths/knowledge about people and their nature and how we understand and represent and respond to the world in which we live.

            You are an unhappy man who hates and resents many of your fellow humans and can only continue to assert without any supporting evidence that you know what is what and that many of your fellow Australians are “blitherers’ and really bad people who are not as good or valuable as you are. 🙂

            It’s okay though, I don’t want to blow you up or even want you to die out early/ The best thing that could happen in my view is that you get some therapy and can move on past your hatred and wake up to the wonderful world that is possible when people stop hating ‘the other’.

    • JimboR says:

      And as the author looks for new employment, what odds will you give me that he ends up a One Nation candidate somewhere? The Shovel nails their recruitment strategy here:

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