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By November 6, 2018Other

Dear Readers,

My ill-health and fatigue have reached the point where I cannot write much any more. I hope to resume writing later this year.


With every good wish to everyone.



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  • spangled drongo says:

    Oh, Don.

    I am so sad to hear this. I have been thinking about you and had a feeling things might not be going too well.

    Would you prefer that we did not comment?

    All the very best wishes to you too and good luck with your problems.

  • Mike says:

    Thanks for all your insights and observations. A pity I wasn’t aware of them earlier. I hope you’re comfortable and looking forward to your recovery

  • Peter Lang says:

    All the best Don. I wish you all the best and hope you be able to enjoy writing some more later in the year.

  • Bryan Roberts says:

    A serious blow to you, and to the broader commentariat. Best wishes, B

  • Neville says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that Don. I hope that with rest and time away from the blog you will be back later in the year.
    All the best for the future, Neville.

  • Peter E says:

    Sorry to hear this. I hope that a rest will lead to a resurgence of you capacities. With every good wish.

  • Anders Valland says:

    All the best to you, I hope you get better soon. I really appreciate your writings and insights, they are an inspiration.

  • NH says:

    Get well soon! I sometimes disagree, but you are always a gentleman.

  • Roger Macrury says:

    I wish you all the best and hope we can all read your writing again quite soon.

  • BB says:

    I am sorry for your decline and hope there is an improvement. Thank you for your essays here they are much appreciated.

  • John BENNETT says:

    Don, this is not good to hear. You are forever the gentleman in your writing, and your essays are very insightful. They have inspired me to think a little deeper on many subjects. Do hope things get better, and remember 1 Timothy 5:23 “Take thee a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities”.

  • Boambee John says:


    Best wishes for a good recovery. I enjoy the debates in the comments threads.

  • Tezza says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Don. You’re a prized voice of sanity in a crazy world!


  • beththeserf says:


    Like so many others here, I will miss your thoughtful and educated commentary and hope that you
    are soon feel well enough to continue. Best wishes, bts.

  • MD says:

    Thank you for all the good things you have shared with us, and with very best wishes in the hope that we may hear from you again

  • Take care Don. Your insights are and have been appreciated.

  • My dear friend Don: I wrap my arms around both you and Bev, in the hope of giving you comfort, and of selfishly giving myself, solace. You and Bev are truly the most special people. I love you both, and send you both loving thoughts blown borne halfway ’round the world by warm winds and gentle breezes. Rest, my friend. Be at peace. Know how deeply you are cherished and respected by your friends, by your family, and especially by your loving and beloved Beverley – Nicole and Ron

  • spangled drongo says:

    This could be your solution, Don.

    If you can do it with sex and climate, why not with anything else?

    “Self-styled positivity guru Emile Ratelband thinks age is just a number. And his is a number the Dutchman wants changed. The 69-year-old TV personality has asked a court in the Netherlands to approve his request for a new birthday that officially would make him 49.”

  • Peter Kemmis says:

    Don, our friend,

    As I reflect on the quality of your argument, and the tone of its delivery, I offer a paraphrase from Shakespeare, in thanks, with hope, and with good wishes. You offer a fine example.

    “The quality of reason is not strained. it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath. it is twice blest: it blesseth him that gives and him that takes.”

  • spangled drongo says:

    Met a magical fairy yesterday who said she would grant me one wish.

    “I wish to live forever,” I said.

    “Sorry,” said the fairy, “I’m not allowed to grant that particular wish.”

    “Fine,” I said, “then I want to die the day after Parliament is filled with honest, hard-working, bipartisan men and women who act only in the people’s best interests!”

    “You crafty bastard,” replied the fairy.

  • beththeserf says:

    Those two latest comments, so nice.

  • beththeserf says:

    A serf’s thoughts on the human condition…

    We envy the gods their longevity,
    not recognizing that they envy us.
    Envy the heightened drama of existence
    that comes with knowledge of life’s brevity,
    – over before you know it,
    – got to have something to show for it,
    serious ambition, love and dynasty,
    creativity … can’t just swan around
    like gods on Olympus clouds, dreaming up
    low tricks to play on us below.

    Those gods! Can’t keep their jealous eyes off us,
    entertain themselves by fooling us,
    mortals existing just for their sport.
    Stuff of Greek tragedy, they have to fill
    all those tomorrows and tomorrows
    of eternity with something, theatre of
    the absurd. Sometimes they even come down
    to earth, like goddamn, randy Zeus, making
    more mischief, more mayhem via god children,
    like Heracles, son of Zeus, whom Hera makes mad,
    so that he kills his wife and children in
    a frenzy. And then their’s Helen, daughter of Zeus,
    time to bring on the Trojan Wars. bts.

  • beththeserf says:

    Apology for typo, ‘there’s ‘ not ‘their’s.’

  • beththeserf says:


    Do hope we’ll hear from you soon, yr lucid comments based on wealth of experience, so appreciated….For now some music and best wishes at Christmas-tide from beth the serf.

  • Boambee John says:

    Best wishes for Christmas, I hope to see many essays from you next year.

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