Why another blog?

By July 16, 2012Other

Why add to all the blogs that are currently available? There are no good answers, other than that writing has been my craft for fifty years, and that the avenues for expression in print are declining quickly. I could add that the issues to write about are not declining, and that there is a growing audience out there in blogland. So, what can you expect, if you are a reader?

A variety, that’s what. I wrote for many years on a weekly basis about Australian politics and society, and later still on education, higher education especially. I’ve written about music, about food and wine (I have been a cook since I was trained in the Army in 1955). I’ve written about research, and science, and policy matters, and the media, and road safety — and on matters that are sometimes called ‘spiritual’, mostly because we don’t have a good word for the ‘why are we here?’ questions. So I expect that all these themes will appear. For the past five years I have had a special interest in what is now called ‘climate change’, though then it was called ‘(anthropogenic) global warming’. Because global warming has failed to keep pace with the global concentration of carbon dioxide, the discussion has moved to be about ‘extreme weather events’, or ‘climate disruption’, as though storms, floods and droughts are somehow new to human experience. They are not, for course.

This website is unfinished, and probably always will be. I have written quite a lot since my first Monday leader in the Canberra Times in January 1968, and some of what I wrote in the last twenty years is available here. I’ll add the dozen books in due course, and later still provide an opportunity for eager readers to buy books that I have written, which now seem destined to be published as e-books. A few are novels (I published my first in 1977), and the others are non-fiction.

I am most happy to receive comments on anything I write, and ask only that posters accept the ordinary courtesies of civilised discussion. Judy Curry’s ‘Climate etc.’ website (also based on Word Press) provides a model, for anyone who wonders what I mean — and even there I have in mind the most reasonable, open-minded and cool posters! The great advantage of the Internet, and the blog mode that it has generated, is that of almost immediate interaction from across the world. The power of these two advantages has a great deal to do with the decline of the daily newspaper, but the accompanying weakness is the difficulty of checking the accuracy of what people say is the case. I will do my own best to ensure that what I say is as accurate as I can make it, if what I offer are said to be ‘facts’.

So welcome to my website. I hope you find it interesting. If you provide your email address you will automatically be informed when I wrote a new post. I am sure that it will take me a little while to become expert in this new medium, so bear with me if there is a delay!

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